Enterprise Template

Analyst Listing

The following analysts provide coverage for the subject firm as of May 2016:

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Primary Input Data



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Derived Input Data

Derived Input


2015 Value


Equational Form

Net Operating Profit Less Adjusted Taxes NOPLAT NOPLAT\, =\, EBIT\, x\, (1 \,-\, Avg \,\,Tax\,\, Rate\,\, on\,\, EBIT)
Free Cash Flow FCF FCF\,=NOPLAT\,+\,Non-Cash\,Expenses-\Delta NWC\,-\,NCS
Tax Shield TS TS\,=\,Interest\,\,Paid\,\,x\,\, Avg \,\,Tax\,\,Rate\,\, on\,\, Pre-Tax\,\, Income
Invested Capital IC IC\,=\,Fixed\,\,Operating\,\,Assets\,\,+\,\,Net\,\, Working\,\, Capital
Return on Invested Capital ROIC ROIC\,=\,\frac { NOPLAT }{ IC }
Net Investment NetInv NetInv\,=\,{ {IC}_{1}}-{{IC}_{0}}+Depreciation
Investment Rate IR IR\,=\,\frac {NetInv}{NOPLAT}
Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WACCMarket WACC\,=\,\frac { E }{ V } { R }_{ E }\,+\,\frac { P }{ V } { R }_{ P }\,+\,\frac { D }{ V } { R }_{ D }\left( 1- Avg\,\, Tax\,\,Rate\,\,on\,\,Pre-Tax\,\,Income \right)
Enterprise value
EVMarket EV\,=\,Market\,\,Cap\,\,Equity\,+\,\,Long\,\,Term\,\,Debt\,-\,Cash
Long-Run Growth
g = IR x ROIC
Long-run growth rates of the income variable are used in the Continuing Value portion of the valuation models.
g = % \Delta GDP
Margin from Operations M M\,\,=\,\,\frac{EBIT}{SALES}
Depreciation/Amortization Rate D D\,\,=\,\,\frac{D+A}{EBITDA}

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Valuation Multiple Outcomes

The outcomes presented in this study are the result of original input data, derived data, and synthesized inputs.

Equational Form

Observed Value


multiple g solution

Two-stage valuation

model g solution

12/31/2015 12/31/2016 12/31/2015 12/31/2016 12/31/2015 12/31/2016


\frac {EV}{Sales} \,= \,\frac{ROIC\,  -\,  g}{ROIC\,(WACC\,-\,g)}\,(1\,-\,T)\,(M)


\frac {EV}{EBITDA} \,= \,\frac{ROIC\,  -\,  g}{ROIC\,(WACC\,-\,g)}\,(1\,-\,T)\,(1\,-\,D)


\frac {EV}{NOPLAT} \,= \,\frac{ROIC\,  -\,  g}{ROIC\,(WACC\,-\,g)}


\frac {EV}{FCF_{OPS}} \,= \,\frac{ROIC\,  -\,  g}{ROIC\,(WACC\,-\,g)}\,(1\,-\,T)


\frac {EV}{EBIT} \,= \,\frac{ROIC\,  -\,  g}{ROIC\,(WACC\,-\,g)}\,(1\,-\,T)


\frac {EV}{IC} \,= \,\frac{ROIC\,  -\,  g}{WACC\,-\,g}

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